13 benefits of Amrul Shaak.

Friends, this vegetable but many of us know and many may not know. It is usually grown in the yard, on the ground, in the field, on the side of the road, so many people ignore it. If you know the benefits of Amrul Shaak and its medicinal properties, you will not neglect it anymore. This vegetable has a delicious and sour taste. Now also available in the market.

Amrul Shaak
A slender creeper. Its data is quite long and the data is full of orthodoxy. This tree is found in almost all regions of Bangladesh. Chuka Shaak, Tok Pata, Chandola, Chuktripati, and many others are known as Amrul Shaak. Its English name is Creeping wood sorrel and its scientific name is Oxalis corniculate. About 200 species of Amrul spinach grow in the world. Among them, yellow and pink flower amrul spinach grows more in Bangladesh. It is especially seen growing in cold soils. The leaves of Amrul Shaak are divided into three parts. Its stems and leaves are green. Each part of the leaf is gain-shaped. Its stems are one to one and a half inches long. Its leaves and stems are soft and juicy in nature. Amrul spinach flowers are yellow or pink in color. Its flowers are much smaller in size. The flower has five petals inside. Many people in the Satkhira district call this leaf tickling as it feels tingling on the body when it touches the leaves of Amrul.

Amrul spinach has a lot of sour taste. Its talk is quite funny. In addition, it has various medicinal properties. This herb is used in all herbal medicine including Ayurveda. The whole part of this vegetable can be eaten as a vegetable. The leaves of this vegetable are rich in Vitamin-C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-9, Magnesium, Keratin, Potassium, Iron, Sodium, and Calcium. The leaves and stems contain erotic, citric acid. It is low in calories but high in fiber.

Here are some fun recipes of Amrul Shaak:
There is no point in frying shrimp with hot fried amrul spinach. Also Amrul Begun’s Talk, Amrul Lau’s Talk, Amrul Shaak Shushni Bhaji, etc. can be made. And it enhances the taste in the mouth and is digestible.

Benefits of Amrul Shaak:
1. If you have diarrhea:
1. Dysentery is a very common disorder that is caused by an infection of the human intestine.
2. Bacteria infect the human body’s digestive tract.
3. Inflammation occurs in the affected part of the intestine, causing abdominal pain and thin stools with mucus and blood.
4. In case of diarrhea, slippery or mucous blood goes with the stool including stomach bite.
5. The patient has frequent thin stools.
. Mucus (mucous membrane) or mango is more with the stool.
. Usually, there is a pain in the right lower abdomen. Eat plenty of fluids and nutritious foods to prevent dehydration.

2. Remedy for diarrhea:
In chronic diarrhea, the patient recovers very quickly by boiling 10/15 grams of amrul leaf with buttermilk milk and feeding it 2/3 throughout the day. And it should be taken three times in the morning, noon and evening to understand the severity of the disease. It has very good benefits.

3. Cure colds and coughs in children:
1. If the common cold of children is in the chest or if there is a slight cough, one teaspoon of the juice of Amrul leaves with roots is heated and fed daily, the accumulated cold goes away.
2. It is better to mix amrul juice with mustard oil and massage it on the chest and back.


4. Cure boils:
1. If there is a pain in the boil in any place, the pain is relieved by applying Amrul leaf paste.
2. If the leaves are boiled in hot water, the boil will burst.

5. Reduces fever:
1000 amrul leaves should be picked from the tree and put on the rock. Then he weighs it and boils the amrul leaf paste in a pot with ten times the amount of water. When it becomes thick, mix one spoonful of ghee in it and after it cools down, the patient should be fed all at once. In this way, if you play for three days every morning according to the rules, you must be relieved.

. To reduce acidity:
Many people love to eat sour, but playing is acidic. In this case, it is better to use Amrul. Because it has a combination of acid, honey, and juice. Therefore, Amrul acid bile (acidity) satisfies the unsatisfied taste without increasing the disease.

. Healing itching and itching:
Amrul has antiseptic properties, so itching on the skin often becomes itchy and looks like herpes. In this case, the juice of amrul leaves is applied to the skin.

. Healing the thirst for peace:
The juice of amrul leaves mixed with a little sugar, like syrup, quenches the thirst caused by diarrhea.

9. Cure urinary problems:
If urinary tract disease – that is, the speed of urination but urination does not. In many cases, surgery is required later. Amrul leaf juice is mixed with water every day to get better quickly.

10. Asthma Cure:
Asthma causes difficulty in breathing. At that time, one cup of juice of this leaf is good for playing.

11. Cure Hypertension:
In case of high blood pressure, the juice of Amrul leaves is mixed with sugarcane molasses and taken every morning to get good benefits.

12. Cures Biliary Headaches:
Amrul leaves are boiled in hot water and mixed with garlic juice and applied to the scalp to cure biliary headaches.

13. Hemorrhoids or piles:
In case of unbearable pain or bleeding with stool, take 50 ml of sesame oil and the same amount of ghee in an iron pan. However, it is necessary to feed once a day for 15 days according to the rules.

Eat as much as you can understand the condition of your body. Nothing extra is good. If you suffer from a complex disease or go through a regular medical course, you must eat according to your doctor’s advice before eating.

Thankuni leaves can be beneficial for those who are suffering from them. It helps to eliminate inflammation. Doctors recommend eating thankuni leaves regularly as part of the treatment of arthritis. Make it a habit to chew at least two thankuni leaves every day. It will stay away from the problem of arthritis a lot.

23. Eliminates constipation
Problems with constipation? Try to eat thankuni leaves regularly. It is recommended to eat thankuni leaves to relieve constipation. If you put thankuni leaves on your food list, you will no longer suffer from constipation.

Thankuni is a perennial creeping plant found near ponds and wetlands. Thankuni can be used as both food and medicine. The whole part including the roots can be eaten. Apart from making, bhaji, bara, chutneys, salads, and drinks can also be made with this leaf.

24. Increases immunity

Immunity is very effective. Thankuni leaves. Which is even more urgent during this epidemic. So to improve immunity, mix honey with thankuni leaf juice and drink it. It is also beneficial to feed the baby.

There are several side effects to using thankuni leaves. Such as – drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, skin problems, etc. Those who have a disease like diabetes or high blood pressure must consult a doctor.


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